I'm too uncool for this to be my life!

Y'all, I am having a BLAST during this year's Austin Fashion Week. Yesterday I went to a couple events, and I wore another dress on loan to me from Parsimony. This one is made of fabric from a street market in Uganda. It wasn't made specifically for pregnant ladies, but unbelted, it fits around my middle just fine:
robiedressdate: 17 August 2010
occasion: Austin Fashion Week parties
dress: on loan from Parsimony
wedges: Victoria Spencer (Shoe Carnival!)
bag: vintage, courtesy of American Apparel SXSW flea market

Here's some party pics from last night.
Me and Rachel from do512.com and Rad Works.
Kelly from Yelp Austin, me, and Grechen from New to Atx.
Pregnancy row! That's the super famous Jennifer Perkins on the right. Yes, the same Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club. I was shocked and aghast that she knew who I was!

A note for my Tweet peeps: I was successful in my endeavors to score free non-alcoholic drinks. I sucked down the free Maine Root and Waialua Soda like no one's business all night!

Alright. Can we talk frankly for a moment? Yes? Okay. Good.

There are many moments in my life when I stop and think, "I am entirely too UNCOOL for this to be my life!" Blame it on a lame high school experience or a nerd complex or whatever, but whenever I'm out and about and I meet people who have happed upon Adored Austin, I am incredulous that this is my life and this little 'ole blog has caused me to meet so many wonderfully awesome, incredibly cool people! Austin Fashion Week, so far, has been like this non-stop for me. I love it. I feel humbled and blessed beyond words. I met so many fine folks last night, and I was going to attempt to name and link everyone, but then the list got really, really ridiculously long, and I was nervous that I forgot a couple people and I didn't want them to feel slighted.

Anyway, when I started this a year ago, I had no idea that doing a blog could be so much fun even when you're away from your desk! Thanks, everyone!

As for you folks that I haven't met yet, I wish I could meet ALL OF YOU in person. Giant road trip, perhaps? Mass exodus to Austin, everyone? I have a guest room and guest bathroom that you might be able to use soon...