Sneak Peek: Vivian's Muse photoshoot

A while back, my best friend Bee and I did a little maternity shoot with Austin based photographer Vivian's Muse. I was a tiny bit trepidatious at first because Vivian's Muse is known for their saucy, flirty, and gorgeous boudoir photos, and to be quite honest, in these last seven months, I have felt the exact opposite of sexy! I also swore I would never, ever do a bare belly shot, but Julia, the owner/ photographer made me feel so comfortable that I obliged her by doing a couple. This one perfectly describes what I've been up to the last week or so, but in a much more glamorous way:
viviansmuse_uneditedYep. All's well. My days lately have consisted of me just relaxing in bed, wearing a tank top and cotton shorts, and not feeling one bit fashionable at all! Yesterday I even wore athletic shorts and flip flops out in public, briefly. You know I'm not feeling too great when I can't even be bothered to put on a cute dress! Haha!

Maybe I should do a post on cute pajamas. I feel like an expert at that lately!

Can you believe I'm having a kid next month?!