Spotlight on Adored Austin Partners

I really love my Adored Austin partners. As I've said before, I only partner with brands and companies that I, myself, use. I think my partners are the bee's knees, and I love sharing my love for them with you:

A Box For My Treasure is "chic and whimsical jewelry". Judith makes all of her designs out of her Ireland home, and because they're so cute, affordable, and original, I just knew these would be a perfect gift for my best friend's birthday. Here's what I got her (plus a gift for myself!):
(L-R) 1. Petite Gold Rose Necklace, 2. Red Trumpet Flower Earrings, 3. Afternoon Tea Teacup Necklace 4. (for me-) Tree of Life and Swallows Necklace (I like to imagine that it's a mama bird and a daddy bird setting up a nest for their new baby!).

Smashion is a free online marketplace that offers a style community and is much smaller and way more navigable than eBay. I have successfully sold and bought items on Smashion this month, and next week we'll be doing an exciting Smashion giveaway here on Adored Austin! You could win things like these (note: these items are currently available for purchase):
(L-R) 1. Anthropologie Chantico Tank, 2. Vintage, Japanese Carry-on Suitcase, 2. Bebe Studded Heel Booties, 4. Strapless 1980's sundress (I would fight you for this if I weren't pregnant!).

TOMS Shoes is my favorite feel-good company. They feel good in two main ways: A)- they are insanely comfortable, and B)- for every pair purchased, a needy, shoeless child personally receives a pair. I had the pleasure of meeting Blake Mycoskie, the TOMS founder, almost four years ago, right after he launched TOMS shoes. I also know Brad, the senior account exec, and I was immediately taken with the company and the huge heart behind the organization. I am constantly impressed by the new styles they keep churning out. Some of my favorites for fall are:

(L-R) 1. Midnight Blue Canvas Wedges, 2. Saffron Cord Classics, 3. Limited Edition Teen Vogue Micro Floral Classics, and 4. the Silver Borges Cordones (last chance on these. They're being discontinued!).

For more information on Adored Austin partners, please go here.