Haven't done one of these in a while!

Whoa. I haven't done an outfit post in a while. Truth be told, it's been really hard for me to motivate myself to do my regular, self-style daily photos. Hardly any of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and I've even outgrown my first batch of carefully selected maternity clothes! When I'm not wearing Hubs' workout shorts and a dirty tank top, I've been rotating between the same three cotton dresses. Trust me. Y'all don't need to see that!

I was kind of lamenting all this to my city group last Tuesday, so my sweet friend Joanie took pity on me and loaned me some maternity clothes. Since today was a gorgeous day and felt like a prelude to fall, I did something I don't usually do: I wore jeans (paired with a friggin' awesome kimono bedroom jacket I found at an estate sale last weekend).
This jacket cost me $2.00 with two milk glass vases and two rolls of craft paper. See why I love estate sales?
The sleeves are so much fun!

date: 3 September 2010
occasion: date night at Phil's Icehouse
jeans: Motherhood, loaner from my friend Joanie
tunic: thrifted Wet Seal via Buffalo Exchange
kimono: vintage via an estate sale
flip flops: Target (forever ago!)
fish necklace: gift from Annie

In other news, I bought a new foundation at Sephora yesterday. I have been loyal to Clinique's Superbalanced Compact Makeup since it first came out, but alas, it has been discontinued. Since I didn't have time to go to the mall to see a Clinique Beauty Consultant, I just went over to Sephora and asked for a full coverage cream foundation. I was immediately steered toward the Cover FX line. I did balk a little at the price, but I'm happy to report that it does a nice job at covering up my dark brown acne scarring, and when you use it with a foundation brush very sparingly, it does finish very natural and almost dewy-like:
My $42.00 face looks just like my $19.50 face.

I tweeted that I was sweating bullets paying $42.00 for a foundation. I could get a pair of shoes for $42.00! Clinique (at $19.50) is as high end as I get (this is, after all, an affordable fashion blog!), so though I really Cover FX, I don't know if I'll stick with it.

What about y'all? What foundation do you use and how much do you pay for it?