I'm starting to get a collection of little black dresses.

Here's a fun fact about me: I didn't wear black in high school. I can remember having one black leather skirt and a pair of black Esprit loafers, but that's it. Brown and white were my neutrals of choice. However, most of my purchases as of late have been black:
This isn't maternity! Hooray!

Unfortunately, I've got to that point in my pregnancy where most of my heels or boots will not fit.

Bun= I didn't wash my hair today or yesterday, and I don't care!

I love the fun detail on this dress.
date:6 September 2010
occasion: errands with Hubs
dress: Nic & Dom (???) via Ross
sandals: Old Navy

I suppose I'm buying a lot of black because black is very slimming. After resting up from yesterday's little scare (and sadly subsequently missing my encore shopping experience at Le Garage Sale), I was ready to get out and about again. I was a little overdressed for errands, but after being pajama clad most of today and all day yesterday, that was okay. I'd always rather be overdressed for an occasion than under dressed. Anyone else?