Off the chain!

I am so excited that Glee and 30 Rock and The Office are back on! Now when I lay on the couch a couple nights of the week, I'll actually have something fun to watch!

Today I actually got off the couch and I *gasp!* went to the gym for the first time since Hubs knocked me up. Per the recommendation of my midwife, I paddled around in the pool for an hour or so with the kick board in hopes of getting some of my water retention to subside.

I don't think it helped with my swelling, but it truly is amazing how much better you feel once you get off the couch and get dressed. I only wish I had come to this realization earlier this week before I missed all of Tribeza Style Week (thanks, Lauren, for all the invites! I love Tribeza and I'll be there next year for sure!).

Tonight was date night and I wore this darling tunic that my friend Carmen gave me when I first started complaining about my changing body. My friends are really awesome.
Look how swollen my hands and feet are!

I really like the embroidery on this top.

I got new sunglasses. They fit just fine, thankyouverymuch!

Look at these two love birds making a nest together. It reminds me of me and Hubs!

date: 24 Sept 2010
occasion: date night to Conan's Pizza
tunic: secondhand Anthropologie (my only Anthro piece... so far!)
shorts: Liz Lange Maternity loaner from my friend Joanie
flip flops: Target circa forever ago!
belt: came free with a water bottle?
bag: courtesy of American Apparel SXSW flea market
necklace: courtesy of A Box For My Treasure
sunglasses: SoLa

I am ALWAYS losing or breaking my sunglasses. Anyone else? I have a really great idea, though: let's make a collective effort to make grandma eyeglass chains cool, okay? This way I can always have my sunglasses around my neck, but I won't feel like a weirdo wearing them on a chain all the time because -hello!- everyone would be doing it! Good idea? Yes? Okay, let's start tomorrow.

Comment of the Day: "woh woh woh... grandma glasses chains aren't cool? Damnit. I hate losing cool points. Oh well. At least I know where my sun glasses are. My keys are another story, but whatever." -Robyn