Much love for Mothlove & Project Runway's Gretchen Jones

I am not a Project Runway freak. In fact, last season was the first season that I watched the show. You see, despite my own attempted forays into reality television, I really try to avoid watching shows that make me become a part of what I call "the culture of criticism". I hate watching shows like American Idol because I don't think it's fun to become an armchair naysayer... and when I watch shows like that I find myself becoming a complaining, negative person. I mean, who am I to sit on my couch and say things like, "You're not talented!" when in fact if designers (or singers or -insert whatever for whichever show-) have made it to that level, they are far more talented than I am and probably 99% of the folks watching them on t.v.?

I was scared that Project Runway would make me become an armchair naysayer, but at the insistence of pretty much everyone, I started watching it (yes, I give into peer pressure pretty easily!). Needless to say, I was instantly hooked! I think everyone on the show is immensely talented, and this season my favorite designer right off the bat was Portland's Gretchen Jones. Her pre- Project Runway line Mothlove is the bohemian dream I long for. I crave these two dresses like you wouldn't believe: mothloveReality television is a tricky beast. I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before, but I have auditioned for (an made it to the final rounds) of two reality t.v. shows. My number one fear while auditioning? Nope, not leaving home and Hubs for a long time. My number one fear was editing. It wouldn't matter how nice or funny or charming or smart I am. Nice does not always make for good t.v. and I would have no say in how I was edited.

Thus why I try to give folks on reality t.v. the benefit of the doubt. My dear Gretchen has received a lot of criticism lately for what I perceive is simply drama educing editing. After Thursday's show, I tweeted as much, so imagine my giddy surprise when Miss Jones herself tweeted me back the next day!tweetSQUEE! Okay, I'll admit it. I get starstruck very easily. But instead of going on and on about how much I love Mothlove, I'll let her work on the show speak for itself:gretchenYes. I'll take one of each, please, and maybe two of the tinsel skirt and maxi caftan.

Who else is watching Season 8 of Project Runway? Who are your favorite designers?

[links: Mothlove, Project Runway full episodes]

Comment of the Day: "...I want to squish Mondo into my pocket. He's totally adorable and I really love his work." -Alyson