Not menswear inspired... this is actual menswear!

If you find yourself in a situation where your own clothes are fitting a little too snug for your liking, here's a tip: raid your husband's closet!


date: 10 Oct 2010
occasion: outfit experiment
shirt and tie: thrifted via Savers, borrowed from Hubs
vest: thrifted Buffalo Exchange, borrowed from Hubs
pants: Alfani, borrowed from Hubs
cardigan: Kimchi & Blue via Buffalo Exchange
shoes: Old Navy via clothing swap
bag: vintage, My Favorite Things (Atlanta)
flower lapel pin: Oktoberfest flea market (Seymour, Indiana)

Here's another tip: if you have a very slender husband (like I do), don't fret too much if his pants are a little too tight on you. Remember that ladies have curves... and leave the button undone if you have to.