Leggings + Jeans= Jeggings (and I just now got a pair)

Yesterday I found myself ponytailed, covered in spit-up, and clad in leggings. Yes, folks, it's official: I am slowly morphing into a suburban soccer mom.
Oh, nostalgia! These jeggings have zippers at the ankles just like my favorite pair of Guess jeans that I had in the seventh grade!

I have a weakness for sequins. I'm never going to outgrow this.

I had to go buy news shoes because my feet have become a flatter, fatter version of their previous selves. I went from a narrow size nine to an eleven! I'm hoping that the swelling goes down soon!

date: 25 October 2010
occasion: tooling around town & showing my mom Austin
top: Calvin Klein via Ross
jeggings: BCBG via Marshalls (courtesy of gift card)
leopard flats: Target

Before y'all stage a fashion intervention, just know that this weekend is my birthday, and I do plan to treat myself to some decidedly non-suburban-soccer-mom clothes soon, okay?

Comment of the Day: HAHAHA! I recently just got my first pair of jeggings as well ... they are soooo comfy and in my post I felt the need to apologize to jeggings around the world for all the shit talking I did. HA! -Fashion Butter