jewelry jackpot!

Last week I felt like I hit a small jewelry jackpot. My mother-in-law, who has impeccable taste and who really gets my aesthetic sent me this jaw dropping Alexis Bittar bracelet for my birthday:alexisbittarI LOVE it but I am considering trading it for a different Alexis Bittar bracelet with a hinge. Little known fact: though I have somewhat slender wrists, I have GIANT MAN HANDS. Bangles are sometimes tricky for me because of my huge hands! Once I slide 'em on, it's hard for me to slide 'em off.

I usually never have a problem with necklaces, and Judith from A Box From My Treasure has once again fed my insatiable thirst for animal jewelry with this adorable deer necklace:

This is the only deer I own even though I really love fawns. I have since decided that I need more deer in my collection. Oh, Judith, thanks for continuing to feed the obsession!