New duds coming my way! Thank you, internet.

I tweeted yesterday that I had a cart full of goodies in my virtual shopping cart online, but I was apprehensive to pull the trigger. I finally let go of my shopping inhibitions and reasoned, "Indi, you haven't bought anything for yourself in a long time. Go ahead!" So, one day later, I did it! I finally spent my birthday money and will be expecting these pieces in the mail in 5- 7 business days:


Urban Outfitters was having a massive sale (every piece I got was under $15). The chambray shirt, yellow cardigan, leggings, and green skirt are from Nordstrom, which is also doing a big sale. I am most excited about the shoes (all a size 10, now that I'm fairly certain I will never be a 9 again) and the leather paneled leggings. I really want to amp up my style. I was looking through my archives and realized that i have not had what I think is a great outfit in quite some time. Any suggestions on how to style the items I got?

Y'all know that I LOVE shopping at thrift stores and estate sales, but when it comes to buying new clothes, I much prefer shopping online vs. shopping in stores. Most online retailers have excellent return policies, so I have no qualms about retuning things that just aren't up to snuff. What about you?

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