The Post-Pregnancy Shoe (Re)Collection Project: part 1, boots

Well, here we go again. Fall is here, and I'm on a boot hunt. Let's just hope this is more fruitful than last year's Great Boot Hunt of 2009. This season has ushered in a new endeavor: The Post-Pregnancy Shoe (Re)Collection Project. After giving birth to Jude, my feet haven't been the same. They are a wider, longer version of themselves, and almost all of my pre-pregnancy shoes no longer fit me. My midwife has confirmed that most likely they will not go back to their former selves. It's quite sad to me, as I really enjoyed my shoes. I am thankful, however, that I didn't have a collection of Manolos or Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. Most of my shoes are treasures from Buffalo Exchange and Savers, so at least there's that. On the bright side, I get to get some new shoes, and I've already started with four pairs of flats from Urban Outfitters.

In any regard, I spent an embarrassing amount of time last night pondering over boots at Wanted. I've narrowed it down to three pairs, but I really can't make the final call. Y'all have never led me astray when I've had you choose apparel for me in the past (see 1 and 2), so let's try it again:

black Lisbon boots taupe Tower boots navy Eiffel boots

notes: you can click on the boot to see its specs. Hubs likes #1 the best. They are no doubt the most versatile. The middle boots are inspired by the wintery looks on Ruche. Ooh la la! And lastly, if #3 came in my (new) size in black, there would be no poll. That's what I'd get. Alas, they only have my size in navy. They're the tallest at 21.25'' tall. Wow!

Which of these pairs of boots should I get?customer surveys
I totally trust you and will be placing my order in the next couple of days, so vote vote away! And thank you. I'm terribly indecisive.