Two tutus

I like when the universe seems serendipitous. On the same day that my newest partner Poetrie sent me the aptly named "Bradshaw tutu",


My Name Necklace sent me their "Carrie necklace":


I tweeted earlier today that motherhood may have changed me. Or maybe it's just my age. Or it could be my weight gain. In any regard, suddenly all my heels seem too high and my skirts seem too short. I absolutely adore my Bradshaw tutu, but I felt I had to put another (longer) tutu underneath to make it a little more modest. I'm 5'8'' so short stuff is really short on me. Perhaps with black tights, I'll still keep my modesty in check and can go without the under-tutu.bradshawnolacesdate: 16 November 2010
occasion: City Group
cardigan: BDG (UO)
denim shirt: Trouvé (Nordstrom)
white tutu: courtesy of Poetrie
black tutu (added for length): F21
shoes: Kimchi Blue (UO)
necklace: courtesy of

The following conversation happened Sunday regarding these shoes:

Friend: I like your shoes.
Me: Thanks! They just slip right on.
Hubs: Where are the laces?
Me: They didn't come with laces.
Hubs: What? Did you call customer service?
Me: No. Why?
Hubs: Because they forgot your laces!

For the record, they're not supposed to have laces. The tongue is elastic, so they stay on just fine. They're no Manolos, but I still like 'em.