I'm doing way more laundry than I used to!

It seems silly to put on cute clothes when your kid is just going to spit up all over you!

It's still warm enough here to go bare legged!

Yellow is my favorite color to wear. Cardigans are my favorite article of clothing. This may have just become my new go-to item. Also, I like the puff on these sleeves.

Oh, look. Another pair of super comfortable flats. I am toying with the idea of giving up heels altogether.

I'm wearing this belt backwards. On purpose.

My newest creature.

date: 18 November 2010
occasion: couch potato-ing!
cardigan and skirt: Halogen
tank: Charlotte Ruse
studded belt: via clothing swap
ring and shoes: Urban Outfitters

I'm finding that if I just sit around in my pajamas all day, I get pretty crabby. When I get dressed, I find that I'm less likely to feel stir crazy being at home with Jude all day. Luckily all these pieces are machine washable... which is a great thing because this kid is a spit-up factory!

(unrelated) Did anyone else get today's American Apparel Groupon (which will be available until Saturday)? $50 credit for $25? I was like, "Yes, please!", and I got two. By the way, if you're not getting Groupon and you want to, please feel free to use my referrer code to sign up. I get a $10 Groupon credit if you buy a Groupon, which is excellent because I use Groupon all the time. Thanks!