New dress, new boots

I've been feeling the high contrast black/ white combo lately as evidenced by three of my last four outfits. I met Hubs for lunch today and tried out my newest frock:poetrie chevronfringedate: 23 November 2010
occasion: impromptu lunch date with Hubs
Disco Diagonal Dress: courtesy of Poetrie
boots: Minnetonka

Speaking of knock-offs, I had the Rue 21/ faux leather version of these triple fringe Minnetonkas, and Hubs hated them. After a year, the fake boots were still off gassing a strange chemical smell. Hubs always referred to them as my "Stinky Boots". I thought I'd do us all a favor and get the real deal, and I can already say that love them just as much as my other Minnetonka boots. In fact, Stinky Boots are already in the Goodwill pile.