No plans on Thursday? Join us!

If you do not have plans for Thanksgiving, please consider coming to my house. Hubs and I do not have family in town, so for the last couple of years we've had "Second Family Thanksgiving" at our place where others who can't eat with dear mom and dad can come eat with us. We cook together at noon and eat at four. Feel free to come for the cooking part or just the eating part. We have the turkey, sweet potatoes, and squash covered.
thanksgivingDon't worry if we haven't yet met. All friends were once people who didn't know each other, right? I've found that Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to meet new folks and make new friends.

Also, I'm super duper excited because Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, one of my all time favorite blogs, will be passing through Austin on Thanksgiving, and she'll be coming by, too. So far we have a host of other really fun loving folks joining us. I hope you'll also join us if you don't have other plans (and feel free to pass this along to others in Austin who may be alone on Thursday).