Thank goodness I was never into midriff baring shirts.

I never knew how deep my vanities ran until I developed stretch marks in my last month of pregnancy. My poor husband had to console me for what seemed like hours when they appeared seemingly overnight one night.

And they're still here. I'll spare you the photos. Instead here's the cause (which makes a much cuter photo):bigeyesjudeWorth it? Yes, definitely. However, I am not one of those women who is proud of her stretch marks and declares them "Mommy's Badge of Honor" (actual words from a friend's Facebook status!). Like my acne scars, I honestly wish I didn't have 'em. Thanks to Mederma, my wishes may come true:
medermaIn twelve weeks time, I'm supposed to see significant improvement. I'll keep you updated and will do a full review after March 1st.

Lauren and the rest of the Mederma PR team is stellar, by the way. Stretch marks are a delicate subject for many women. Mederma had no idea that I had developed them; they just knew that I'm a new mother. They very graciously and tactfully asked if I'd like to try their Stretch Marks Therapy cream, and I readily accepted. I was very surprised when they overnighted a three month supply along with a hand written letter and a sweet baby blanket for Jude.

The company is awesome, too. Right now until the end of December, for every "like" they get on Facebook, they're donating $1 to the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), which is an amazing organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are battling and who have survived breast cancer. See the Mederma Facebook page for more information.