Pencil these in in PEN!

December is an amazing month, but it's also the month that my calendar seems to get jam packed the most. Evidence? Check out the Austin fashion haps for this week:

1. Thursday (tonight): Kick off Party for the 10th annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar


The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is my absolute favorite place to buy Christmas gifts every year. The whole shebang is going on until the 24th, but tonight is their big kick-off party. Inventory is maxed out, so go while the gettin's still good!

More information:

2. Friday (tomorrow): Austin Bleet-Up


Tolly sure knows how to throw a party. I have gone to every Bleet-up she's thrown ("Bleet-up"= BLOG + MEET-UP). This one is going to have a PRINCE COVER BAND and there will be ICE SKATING on a ROOF DOWNTOWN. Be still my beating heart!

They're also giving out the Austin Blogger Awards, one of which I've been nominated for. Voting closes tomorrow, so if you haven't yet voted, please do so if you don't mind ("Best Style Blog" is on page 4/5, number four).

More information about the Bleet-Up: Austin Eavesdropper

3. Sunday: Cyprus Vanguard Grand Opening


Cypress Vanguard is the latest brainchild of Launch 787/ Austin Fashion Week guru Matt Swinney. Partnered up with Sew Sister's Megan Summerville, this new shop is "cutting edge fashion fitted directly to you by the designers themselves". My girl Anslee is selling her Savannah Red designs there, and I can't wait to see what the shop is all about. Designer clothes fitted to my body? Yes, please!

More information: Launch 787

4. Thursday: MOSS Consignment Grand Opening


For the last five years, Feathers Vintage boutique has been the cream of the crop of all vintage shops in Austin. Owners Masha Harmeier and Emily Hoover are going to wow us again with their new retail venture MOSS Designer Consignment. MOSS will carry contemporary designer apparel and accessories from past seasons at a fraction of the original retail price. I should go ahead and start making room in my closet now. I WISH THIS WERE A JOKE. Can't wait for this!