It's hard to think about swimsuits when we're in the thick of the Christmas season, but one of the honors I've had as a Lucky Style Spotter is getting to do honest reviews on their behalf. I was contacted earlier today to do a review of, and at first I almost passed on the opportunity because 1) it's winter, 2) I hardly ever wear swimsuits, and 3) here's a confession: I don't swim.

Even before my pregnancy stretch marks I have always been super self- conscious in a swimsuit. My midsection is my least favorite part of my body, and up until a couple years ago, it was always hard to find a flattering but still young looking one-piece. Mostly, I could just find swimsuits like this one, so I usually had to buy two- pieces.

I've had to wear a swimsuit for work quite regularly. Much to my reluctance, I've auditioned in a bikini several times, including for Machete. When I worked for Friday Night Lights back in the day, I had to work in my bikini at least three times on air:
Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 3.59.38 PM
Season 1, episode 14. Embarrassingly enough, there's a similar photo to this in an old issue of Cosmo but I'm sitting hunched over on the edge of the hot tub, making for a highly unflattering photo! True story: this was one of the most awkward days of my entire life.
I realized that I may be the best person to do a Swimspot review because of my aversion to swimwear and my need for it. So without further ado... :
Q: How was your browsing experience on
A: The website is clean and sleek and somewhat easy to navigate. The header scrolls between lookbook type photographs and links the latest swimwear trends. In the shopping menu, I really appreciate the cohesiveness of the model photographs (same pose, same backdrop). This really helps me compare styles easier. An improvement would be to make styles selection (tops, bottoms, one pieces, etc) available on the front page. As it is now, the front page is organized by brand and you have to click "ALL BRANDS" then "FILTER" to be able to browse by style. I don't know about you all, but style is the #1 thing I look for in a swimsuit. The brand is secondary.

Q: What did you think of Swimspot’s “Fit Specialist Program” – a free “personal shopper” to help guide you into the right style and fit based on your individual taste, preferences, and body type?
A: This is an excellent service! Swimwear is tricky, and usually it's something people have to try on in store before they buy. Having someone available via email and via a toll-free number that can help you find your perfect swimsuit is great! The best part of this? It really is no hassle: it's unlimited free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges. They'll keep trying 'till they get it exactly right! There's a section where they make three suggestions per body type, but sadly, the models are all typical, fit and thin models.

Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 3.50.53 PM

Q: How did you like Swimspot’s “Bikini Builder”, which allows you to mix & match or mismatch the perfect swim look from hundreds of swim separates?
A: This is one of the most sophisticated outfit builders that I've seen. The models seamlessly try on any of the combos in the bikini builder database. My only suggestion? Again, having models of differing sizes would allow us to see how the bikini separates would like like on a model closer to our own body types.

Q: What are your thoughts on Swimpsot’s new collection of 2011 styles?
A: There is something for everyone in their 2011 style collection: from skimpy, string bikinis, to full coverage one-pieces and everything in between. The price points are a little on the high side ($70- $150), but this a site of designer swimwear, so you can't expect Walmart prices. I'm willing to pay a little more or something that I know will last and something that I'll wear for at least two or three summers. You know... if I have to.

[disclosure: this is a review for in which I do receive comped products as a part of the program. I am not obligated to do the reviews nor am I obligated to post positive reviews. This review reflects my honest opinion and is not necessarily the views of Lucky Magazine and its publishers].