What the Bleet?

As I was walking out the door to go to the Bleet-Up last night, my mother says to me: "You're dressed like you work at children's birthday parties." Puzzling. Insult? Complement? Who knows? By my interpretation I either looked like a clown or a fairy tale princess.peachy
hendate: 3 December 2010
occasion: Bleet-Up and Austin Blogger Awards
dress: vintage thrifted via Savers on a 50% off day
cardigan: Matty M via Costco
necklace: flea market in Seymour, Indiana
tights: F21
shoes: UO
hair bow: American Apparel (thanks to my Groupon!)
purse: castoff of my mother's

I had an amazing time at the Bleet-Up. It was the first time Hubs and I went out without Jude! It was so great catching up with all my favorite bloggers. I even got to meet a handful of new- to- me bloggers, too! Additionally, I drank juice pouches,


I ate cancakes (pancakes from a can),


and I got my photo taken with Hipstercrite, one of my favorite bloggers of all time and the Austin Blogger of the Year!


Oh! And Adored Austin won Best Style Blog! Hugs and high fives and confetti and glitter and a sincere thank you to anyone who threw a vote my way! What a crazy surprise. All of the style blogs nominated are so different from one another but together we have really worked hard to amp up the fashion profile of our beloved city. It's an honor to be named Best Style Blog, but it's a superlative that I feel like I share with the other nominees and the other Austin fashion blogs, too.

An extra special thank you to Tolly and The Republic of Austin for organizing such a great party! Congrats to all the nominees and the winners. I also want to publicly thank Hubs. He's been the biggest Adored Austin fan since its inception. He does a wicked good impression of me and reads all my posts aloud to me in "my voice", which cracks me up and lets me know he digs what I'm doing. I know that doing a self- style blog can come off as self-important and narcissistic at times, but he keeps me in check. For that and a bajillion other reasons, I'm grateful to him.