Lands End Canvas. Classy!

Lands' End Canvas gifted some of the Lucky Style Spotters with $100 gift cards to pick out an outfit for winter. I have never shopped there before, but I was pleasantly surprised by their clothes. The quality is top notch! Unlike a lot of affordable, new fashion, I really feel that these pieces will last me years and years to come. In terms of style, I hate to use the word "classy", but I did very much feel like their clothes were American classics... something Jackie O would wear on vacation in Nantucket. Totally classy (said UNironically). I wish my photos could do this outfit justice:


date: 6 December 2010
occasion: dentist appointment
dress, cardigan, and sweater: courtesy of Lands' End Canvas through Lucky Style Spotter
tights: Target
socks: American Apparel (with my Groupon)
boots: vintage Hunt Club via Style Station

I was instantly taken with the plaid dress, and imagined it with the v-neck sweater on top in an homage to Clueless, which was and still is a huge fashion influence on me. Being the savvy shopper that I am, I had a $50 off a $150 purchase code for Lands' End Canvas, so I was able to stretch my giftcard to the max! I found this chunky cardigan in the sale section and qualified for free shipping, too.

Something funny about my socks: at the dentist office today, the office assistant asked me where I got them. I told her American Apparel and added, "But I'm sure you can find them elsewhere..."

"No, I've looked! I can't find them that thick and that tall. I love how they're sticking out of your boots. I have got to go there and get a pair. Apparel America, you say?"

"American Apparel... but... maybe you can get them online?"

"Where is this American Apparel?"

I really wanted to deter her from going in. I mean, this woman is at least fifty years old, and I don't know if gold lamé leggings and fishnet bodysuits are up her ally for browsing material. I reluctantly told her the locations. If at my next appointment, she's sporting a deep v t-shirt or salmon colored stovepipe jeans, I'm going to laugh. Hard. And then I'm going to take her photo for my street style section.

[courtesy items & adored austin]