Procrastination = plan C

So, remember those Rent the Runway dresses I had y'all vote on for me to wear to Hubs' work's Christmas party this weekend? By a very small margin, you picked this gorgeous Tibi dress:


Unfortunately, my size was not available, nor was the next size up. Because of this photo I was super apprehensive about sizing down one (at 5'9'' I need all the length I can get!), but I figured I should try it anyway since you had done such a great job picking it out. As a backup/ bonus/ plan B, I was going to order the dress that came in second just in case the first one didn't work.

Then I had trouble with my Rent the Runway cart. For the life of me I could not get both of the dresses in my cart with the $25 discount you get if you order a backup dress for the same date. I finally emailed the very gracious customer service department for help, but by the time we stopped playing phone tag, neither of my desired dresses was available. I am super bummed, but the party must go on! And I still need a dress. I went into a tizzy last night trying to find something suitable, comparable, and able to be overnighted to me without breaking the bank. Plan C: after all my crazy spending two days ago, I needed to keep it under $100. I finally settled on the Weak in the Knees dress from ModCloth:


Fingers crossed that it fits me okay. It's actually two inches longer than the first dress, and the red seems more holiday-y instead of orange/ red. If it doesn't work, though, I may be doing a last minute scramble Saturday afternoon. This kind of reminds me of the Winter Ball my sophomore year of high school. My grandma commissioned my aunt to make me a dress and it arrived the day before the dance and it did not fit me at all. I had to drive 40 minutes to the nearest mall to try to scrounge up a last minute frock, making me and my date late to the dance. Let's just hope I have better luck with this one.

Lesson learned? When using Rent the Runway during the holiday season, it's best to nail down your rental before Thanksgiving. I'll be sure to rent from them again if I ever get to go somewhere that requires a nicer dress than any that I currently own. I may be waiting a year for Hubs' next company party, though...