Save the date: March 12 & 13- Style Bloggers Conference


Around this time last year I had an epiphany: SXSW is easily the best conference for new media offered, and during those weeks my dear city is always filled to the brim with folks doing blogs, reading blogs, and loving blogs. I wanted to host some sort of meet-up specifically for fashion bloggers, and to my joy and thanks in part to some great sponsors, all the pieces fell together and it happened! It was amazing!

That was great and all, but I really feel that what was missing was some sort of day of learning. The networking was awesome, but it was a shame to have so many great brains in a room together and there wasn't a lot of brain picking going on!

So this year, I'm changing it up. Along with members of the newly formed Texas Style Council, we will be doing a two day shindig. One of the days will be fun and networking, but the next day will be a day filled with helpful classes and presentations to help style bloggers maintain and improve their readership and content. Grechen and I are working very hard at getting some big name speakers to come out, and Texas' own Kendi of Kendi Everyday fame will be speaking on "Writing with your own voice". She and her husband will also offer a photography class that will help you shoot your best photos with whatever camera and conditions you have. I'll be doing a talk on "Getting out from behind your computer: taking your blog off the page and into your community", which is something I feel very passionate about.

Anyway, I'd love it if you could attend. If you live in Texas or plan to be in Austin during SXSW or would maybe make a special trip just for this, please take this survey to help us plan accordingly. That would be a giant help!

LINK: Texas Style Council Conference

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