Work it, work it

Saturday night was Hubs' company party, and in many ways, I felt like I was going to prom. The night before I had mentioned to my friend Sarah what a fun time I had had at Hubs' company party the year before and she was like, "I want to go!" Hubs texted a co-worker of his, and he welcomed Sarah be his plus one. That night, they both met up at our house, my mom was standing by to check out what we were all wearing (and to watch Jude), and we headed out to Lamberts to dance the night away.
It was a little chilly outside, meaning I broke out a winter coat for the first time this year. Not bad for making it all the way to December 11th without having to wear a heavy coat, huh?

Luckily, this year, the party was inside, so I was able to show off my new dress.

Surprisingly, I was the only one in a red dress. I really loved the accordion pleating on this one.

I bought nude wedges with my Nordstrom Rack Groupon, certain that they'd go with whatever dress I ended up wearing to the party. I had no trouble getting down on the dance floor in these.

date: 11 December 2010
occasion: Hubs' company Christmas party
dress: ModCloth
coat: vintage, Savers
bag: vintage, Texas Thrift
shoes: Franco Sarto, Nordstrom Rack

I first learned about the magic of a nude shoe in college when I was doing the Miss Kanakakee Country Fair Queen Pageant (Go ahead. It's okay. Laugh!). Nude heels were a requirement for the (mortifying) swimsuit portion of the competition. I was dubious about them until we put them on, but then voilá! Everyone's legs seemed a mile long, and I was hooked. When I started rebuilding my shoe collection last month, near the top of my list was a pair of nude heels. When I saw these at Nordstrom Rack marked down to $25, I knew I had met my new dress-up go-to's. As a bonus, these happen to be incredibly comfortable. Who else loves nude shoes?