What's the difference?

This Mink Pink sweater is called the Cheet'n Heart cardigan but according to Mental Floss, these are actually leopard spots! Apparently there is a difference.

I am still figuring out this new camera, but let me tell you, having a remote helps heaps!

date: 15 December 2010
occasion: lunch w/ Grechen at Mandolas to discuss the Texas Style Council Conference
cardigan: Mink Pink
t-shirt: INC
flats, tights, & braided belt: Target
skirt: Tommy Jeans

I still have thirteen pounds to go until I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I was super excited that I was able to shimmy my much wider hips into my favorite skirt and it actually zipped. This may not be the case in a few days because I plan to get my nom on in Atlanta over the holidays.

Comment of the Day: "As a zoologist, I actually know this. Cheetah spots are like single, large thumbprints, while leopard spots are more like rosettes." -Katie