DIY: Infinity faux fur scarf

I haven't done a DIY in way too long!

I'm a huge fan of my circle scarf and of faux fur and animal print. I decided to mix all those ingredient together to make a faux cheetah infinity scarf. Dare I say it was the quickest, dirtiest DIY I've ever done. Granted, it's not as nice as the LOFT one that Jen from Jen Loves Kev has, but for a fraction of the price and only 30 minutes of your time, it ain't too shabby.

DIY fur scarf: long

What you need:

  • 1.5 yards of faux fur
  • Sewing machine
  • Heavy duty machine needle
  • Scissors
  • Coordinating thread
  • Needle
  • Straight pins

I repeat, you need a machine needle made especially for thick fabrics:

new needles

First thing first. Cut the fabric so it's a 54'' x 15'' rectangle or whatever size you think is wide enough (x2) and long enough:


For me, this meant I had to cut my fabric straight down the middle... which means this is enough material to make two scarves! Hooray! Beware, cutting fake fur is a little messy. You're going to have to lint brush yourself and vacuum your rug afterwards.

Next, fold the fabric longways so the fur sides are together. Pin:

Sew with a generous seam allowance, like 1/2'':
machine it

Only sew the edge. Leave the shorter ends open.

If you want, trim the fur edges along the stitch. This reduces bulk at the seam, but be sure to be very careful not to cut into the stitch line:


Now for the tricky part: turn the tube right side out. Flip one end down so that there is an 180ยบ twist in the fabric. Stuff one of the short ends into the other short end.


Pin all but four inches, and turn it inside out again. Use the machine to stitch everything closed except for the unpinned four inches. Use that four inch gap to turn the scarf right side out again, then hand stitch the gap closed.

time to sew

It doesn't have to be neat. The fuzz covers sloppy sewing.

Launder to soften up the inner canvas and wear it with pride... even if you decide to be goofy and wear it in a hat/ scarf (harf?) combo:

DIY fur scarf: stupid hat

Total cost: $23.00- makes two!

Comment of the Day: "...the scarf/hat combo officially has a name: snood. we have them at j.crew and i refuse to call it that, because that name is ridiculous." -Sydney

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