Street Style: tacky holiday sweater party

Last night was the Music For the City benefit party. Like most holiday parties these days, the theme was ugly Christmas sweaters. Hubs and I have thrown ugly Christmas sweater parties for the last few years, but I was sure that they were on their way out, so I gave our hideous sweaters to Goodwill. Hopefully our old sweaters were having a rocking good time at whatever parties they attended this year!

Because I no longer had mine, I put out a desperate Tweet to borrow a holiday sweater. The very famous crafty mom blogger Lindsay from Living with Lindsay came through for me. For the record, I think this sweater is super cute and not at all tacky.


But of course, I'm the girl that wears a cat cardigan without a hint of irony.

date: 17 December 2010
occasion: Music for the City Benefit
sweater: on loan from Lindsay
shirt: thrifted Ralph Lauren (Savers)
jeggings: BCBG c/o Marshalls giftcard
boots: c/o Whooga (review coming soon)

In what may be the silliest Street Style post ever presented on Adored Austin, check out what some of the other party attendees were decked out in:

Melissa: best dressed person without a fashion blog, ever. Her grandma made this stocking for her when she was a baby.

Nate: Austin City Life and Music for the City director. Melissa's grandma made this stocking for him, too.

Joanie: 1/2 of the band Trees of Lyres. The tree on her shirt was made entirely of buttons and embroidery.

Sarah: borrowed this sweater from her mom who said, "I don't have any ugly sweaters you can borrow, but I do have some nice Christmas ones." You be the judge. Exhibit B: see below.

Aaron: without shame he admitted that this sweater was also his mother-in-law's.

Dave: aka DJ Hamptonio of Rumbling Spires Inc fame. I wish you could see how glittery his sweatshirt is.

Shannon: she wore a scarf of string lights. She had to stay close to the wall to be plugged in, but nonetheless, WIN!

Kristin: someone in the world hand decorated this velvet blazer like that on purpose then just gave it to a thrift store for Kristin to rescue!

Nate: This sweater is precious and adorable, not at all tacky. However, I don't know if men, in general, like their clothes to be described as precious or adorable.

Mary: Another darling sweater. I swear my second grade teacher had this same exact one back in the day.

Logan: she MADE this! I love the angry face on the tree!

Lamar: this one was hands down my favorite.

Trevor: Hilarious! This one was a crowd favorite.

Which one of these is your favorite? Which do you think is the tackiest of them all?