Black Swan ballerina

My church meets every week at Ballet Austin, so I cracked up when I came home from church and my mom proclaimed, "You look like Black Swan ballerina." High bun on my head, tulle skirt, and the tendency to walk on my tip-toes? Yeah, she was probably right.shockofpink

date: 19 December 2010
occasion: church then lunch with my mom and sister
skirt: F21
cardigan: American Apparel
tank: c/o Love 21
tights: Target
scarf: gift from my friend
shoes: c/o ThreadSence

Oxfords (both flat and heeled) are all over the place this season. I had been looking for a pair of traditional black and white ones and was excited that ThreadSence had an affordable pair in my new size online. They sold like hotcakes, though, and the only size left in stock is 8.5!

Some of you may find it odd that I had lunch with my sister because I've always said I was an only child. I thought I was, too, until somewhat recently! My dad, who died when I was three, had a baby girl with his high school sweetheart six years before I was born. His high school girlfriend gave the baby up for adoption, so I've just been floating through life, as an only child. Turns out his "baby" is now a gorgeous woman, living three hours up the road from me in Dallas of all places! She was placed in adoption in Panama, adopted by an American couple stationed there, and has been looking for her birth family for the last couple of years. We've connected, and it's been so nice! She was raised as an only child, too, so suddenly we have each other. We have a lot in common-- we both have young boys, we have our dad's chin, and we both love acting:

She dresses really awesome, but as of right now she does not have a fashion blog.
Comment of the Day: "This is me reading your blog today: 'lalalala OH, CUTE CUTE Indiana. I love the ballet look. I need a skirt like that and OH! I love those shoes and... awwwwwww... sniff... sniff... BAWL'. SUCH A GREAT STORY!~ Yay!~ Family!" -Work With What You've Got