Fashion Gives Back

fashion gives back
Every year, right after my birthday in October, I make an ultimate Christmas wishlist and unabashedly email it to Hubs. Stuff on it ranges from the expensive (earrings from Tiffanys) to the very, very expensive (a 17'' MacBook Pro).

Dear sweet Alyson from Alyson is Neat emailed a bunch of her blogging buddies, asking us to remember that the holidays are not all about getting our ultimate wish lists fulfilled. She encouraged us all to get involved with a charity project this season and to encourage our readers to do the same.

An Austin-based charity that I adore is Music for the City. You may remember them from the zany holiday sweater post that I did on Saturday. I failed to mention that they are about so much more than just fun and sweaters.[vimeo 11561817 w=500 h=281]
Music for the City is a movement of artists and Austinites that bring together music, arts, and charity to aid the poor, sick and helpless. All proceeds from their CD go directly to a couple of local children's shelters, and the artists involved put on benefit shows, give free music and art lessons to kids who would never have the opportunity for such lessons, and serve the homeless. An easy way to help Music for the City expand their aid is to buy their CD or download it on iTunes:
volume-1-cover-itunesLest you think this CD is a compilation of some no name amateur Austinites, let me assure you that this album contains songs from big name acts like Alpha Rev, Quiet Company, and Miranda Dodson. Download it today, or donate to the cause online. 100% of the profits to go helping this organization help those in need.

Here's a complete list of the bloggers who committed to Fashion Gives Back. Please check out these other blogs and charities when you get the chance:

Alyson of Alyson is Neat supported Invisible Children.
Paige of Barefoot & Vintage gave to Casa Pacifica.
Indiana of Adored Austin supported to Music for the City.

Merl of Clyde's Rebirth gave to a few local shelters where she has received her famous cats, Clyde and Mo.

Nickie of Wild As A Mink gave to Barc Shelter.

Lisa of Archives gave to Dire Straights Animal Companion Rescue.

Robyn of Twitch Vintage gave to All Children's Hospital Pediatric Research.

What charities do y'all support?