It's December. Someone tell that to Texas.

Can you believe that it's been above 75º here in Austin lately? I wore shorts in middle of winter, and with tights on I was a little toasty! I didn't have any plans to do anything except to run some quick errands, so I just threw on the same cardigan, tank, and tights from the day before.
shoes1date: 20 December 2010
occasion: running quick errands
cardigan: American Apparel
tank: c/o Love 21
shorts: c/o ThreadSence
tights: Target
wood bangle: Nordstrom Rack
wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target
frames: Buffalo Exchange, new merch

Even though three of the major components of this outfit are the same as the day before, this feels totally different to me. What a difference a pair of glasses and winter shorts makes!

I had seen winter shorts on Jen, Erin, and Rebecca, so being the big time follower that I am, I felt the desire to try them out, too. And ever since getting my grubby paws on these wedges (thanks again, Sydney!), I was curious to see how those would transition into winter. I tried this outfit on with knee socks, but I felt a little silly with that much bare leg in winter. This outfit is outside my norm, but I do rather like it and feel better about taking more risks and grabbing inspiration from my more- fashionable blogging friends.

What about y'all? Have you tried winter shorts, yet? Or tights with open toed shoes? I was nervous to try either, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised!