DIY: dress to dress

Admittedly, I wore a weird dress to the Austin Blogger Awards. I am sure that people were like "SHE won best fashion blog? She dresses like a frumpy grandma!" Ha. That's true sometimes, but I do want to defend my purchase. From the get- go I had intended to do a refashion DIY on the dress. Ever since stumbling across this post, I knew that I would like to try it for myself.diy2First thing first: I had to make this dress into a skirt. I hacked the top off, leaving the elastic band intact to the skirt portion.

Next (and this is so easy, you'll flip), I simply turned the skirt/ dress inside out and made two five inch cuts and stitched two straight lines:


I didn't quite get it when I saw the instructions on Welcome to the Good Life, so I drew the handy diagram on the right to show you how you'll fit into this dress.

Truthfully, I ended up cutting out the liner because the fabric was all bunchy due to my less than stellar sewing skills. This meant I had to add a full slip. No biggie. The result? A totally different looking, but a much more "me" dress:


Add a winter coat (unless you live in Texas right now) and boots, and bam! You're good to go!

date: 21 December 2010
occasion: dreaded trip to the dentist office
dress: thrifted Savers/ refashion DIY
belt: thrifted Savers
socks: American Apparel
boots: thrifted Style Station
coat: c/o ThreadSence

I ended up getting this pea coat from my holiday wishlist, and I love it! It recalls a certain Sherlock Holms-esque style, and it's the perfect medium weight to serve me well both here in Austin and in (colder) Atlanta over the holidays. Hubs and I are making the 15 hour drive with Jude tomorrow at 5 a.m. Wish us well! If you don't hear from me between now and Christmas, Merry Christmas!