Sound the alarm: Austin's TIKKR watches blowing up big time

I first saw TIKKR Watches at Austin Fashion Week. They adorned the wrists of a model in one of the mash- up competition photos:

TIKKR Watches @ Austin Fashion Week

Then, a few weeks later, when my friend Nicole posted a Facebook status proclaiming her TIKKR love, I knew it was time to investigate. What I found were the coolest watches, ever. Big and bold and designed right here in Austin, these are incredibly awesome. The biggest draw? Since the band is made to be interchangeable, it's something you can easily sport every day.

A few days ago I interviewed Cory Stout, the chief time keeper and founder of TIKKR Watches:

: How'd you come up with such a cool idea?
Cory: In a way, it chose me. I visited my best friend in China last year. On my last day, I went to this underground mall to grab some gifts. One of the items was this clean, simple watch. I wore it around for a few weeks and I got 10 compliments a day, it was unreal. So I got back with my friend to have them made, I put my own touch on the design, my mom came up with the brand name, and the concept just grew from there. Like the back of some of the watches say, "Start Today", and that phrase means a lot to me. When opportunity knocks, go get it. Start Today. That is what TIKKR is all about.

Me: What color combo Tikkr best represents you- Cory Stout?
Cory: Grey Matter band with a black face. It's a subtle, clean look that still gets noticed.

Cory (L) with UT Football coach Mack Brown (R), proudly showing off their TIKKR watches.

Me: What would you say to someone who says "We don't need watches anymore because we all have phones"?
Cory: I say you're right! TIKKR keeps great time, but I find myself checking my phone to see what time it is (and to check TIKKR customer service e-mails 24/7). But precision time-keeping isn't what TIKKR is all about. TIKKR is about having fun, matching your color combo to your outfit or mood. I see the TIKKR color choices as a great way to express yourself visually.

white_outPicture 1
First choose either a white face or a black face. Then deliberate over the twenty different band choices.

Me: What color combo sells best in Austin?
White on white is the cleanest look of all and sells the best. I was hoping the Longhorn-inspired, all Burnt Orange watch would sell well this season, but Garrett Gilbert kept throwing the ball to the other team!
Me: What is your favorite time of day?
Cory: 5:00pm. Any time zone. Also, I really enjoyed 10:10:10 October 10, 2010

Me: If you could give any person in history or any character a TIKKR watch, who would it be?
Cory: Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell.
zmtikkrHahaha! I think Zack Morris would take two. They would have went so well with his giant cell phone.

I just picked up my TIKKR watch yesterday and I can't stop staring at it. I love it so much. I went for a white face with two bands: white and Adored Austin pink (also know as razzmatazz). I'm planning to get bright yellow, mint green, and red bands after the new year.

My favorite part about TIKKR watches? They have clever sayings engraved on the back, and you don't know what you're getting until you open your watch. Mine says "Sorry for Partying".

If you like what you see here, right now until Saturday, TIKKR is offering Adored Austin readers 15% off with the code ADOREDAUSTIN. What are you doing? Get on it! This watch is big (like, literally) but I'm sure they're about to be the next big thing nationally. Plus how adorable is Cory? I mean... hello! His sweet mom helped him name his company! I'd probably support TIKKR just for the cuteness factor of that story alone. Wouldn't you?

Check out TIKKR here.

[note: at the time of the interview TIKKR was not yet an Adored Austin partner]