Something to smile about

One of my 11 improvements in 2011 is to feel better about the way I look. I like to think that I have a very healthy self- esteem (obviously, right? I mean, here I am running the most narcissistic blog in the world!), but I do want to improve my skin, smile, and weight this year. Yesterday I started the new year off by visiting my dentist for some office grade whitening. It's going to take two weeks to complete treatment, but here's the before picture:
teethThey let me keep my teeth models because I'm creepy enough to want them! After one day of bleaching, I can already see a little improvement, believe it or not! Hopefully my teeth will be movie-star bright white in the end.

Something else to smile about? Hubs!
chrisHe'll be video blogging for the men's line at Clinique this year, and for that, he'll be using his real first name. After much begging on my part (for feeling supremely silly for having to refer to him online as "Hubs"), he acquiesced and says I can now call him by his real name here on Adored Austin and The Wonder Love. Hooray! Everyone, say hello to Hubs, henceforth known as Chris! Ain't he cute?