Texas Style Council Conference

Apologies for such a quick/ short post, but -gasp!- I have an audition tomorrow. I forgot that I told my agents that I'll be available for work starting again this month, so I was very surprised to get a call from them for an important audition up in Dallas tomorrow afternoon. It'll be my first audition in ten months, and truth be told, it's one of the hardest characters I've ever had to study. I'll be spending most of the day working on my script. I wonder if this old girl can do something this serious! I guess we'll see!

In totally unrelated news, after getting excellent feedback regarding our fashion bloggers' conference, Grechen and I are pleased to announce that our website for the Texas Style Council Conference is now suitable for viewers. Granted, it's not all the way done yet, but it does contain a bevy of information that you may want to know:

Screen shot 2011-01-05 at 12.22.12 AM

Confirmed speakers include Kendi and Bryan from Kendi Everyday, Miss James from Bleubird Vintage, Jessica from What I Wore, and others TBA. Jennine from The Coveted and IFB will be delivering the keynote. If you're a style blogger, beauty blogger, or want to be, you should come or if you're a shop owner who uses a blog to help your business, you should come. Registration will be opening soon (cost will be around $45), and we are currently accepting business sponsors are underwriters. Save the dates of March 12 & 13 and plan to be here in Austin, Texas during SXSW. Y'all have no idea how giddy I am about this!