Style Station still rocks my world!

Every time I drive from Dallas to Austin for an audition, I reward myself with a stop at Style Station-- a middle of no where thrift store filled to the rafters with amazing, vintage finds (previous posts 1 and 2). I hadn't been since February of last year (almost a whole year!), so I was excited to stop in. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my memory card, so I wasn't able to snap any photos, but the owner Art shared with me that Texas native and the super famous model Erin Wasson did a shoot there for the August 2010 issue of Italian Elle. Art proudly showed me the photos and the tiny jean jacket Erin had left there. I looked up the photos again when I got home, and I absolutely love them:
erin wasson style stationerin wasson style station

[Photos by David Mushegain]

The entire spread is so inspirational. I think from here on out, I'll ask myself every morning, "What would Erin Wasson wear?" This may mean I have to scrap 90% of my current closet and start all over, though. Not that I think that's a terrible idea... hmmm... the wheels are a-turnin'! I just may do that!

I picked up a few things at Style Station this time, and Art gave me a free Style Station shirt and met Jude for the first time.
I could not resist this frog necklace. I love his warts!

The skirt and top on the right will be a refashion/ diy project. I want to make a mini skirt and a cropped vest out of them.

I am a sucker for sequins.

This paisley blouse caught my eye because of its jersey knit waist band and giant shoulder pads.

The cats hiding in the paisley cinched the deal! Hilarious and totally going in Loving Linus!

The next time you are even remotely close to Style Station, you have to stop in (Proof? Check 'em out on Yelp!). Art will talk your ear off, but grin and bear it. He loves his shop and treats his loyal customers dearly. Plus the man knows how to stock an old gas station with quality, unique vintage goods!

It's very hard to find, but the secret is to exit at Wiggins Road. If you're southbound on 1-35 take exit 347. If you are northbound on 35, exit 348 and cross over to the west side access road. Beware! It's a two- way access road. Art closes shop at 7 p.m., but if you call and ask extra nice, he may stay open a little later for you. Tell him Indiana who has that fashion blog in Austin sent you. But don't even get him riled up about the government or big business or war or his son. Or do. No one tells a story quite like Art.