Chuggin' along

The closet reorganization project is a much larger task that I had anticipated. I can now see why there are such things are professional closet organizers. Never in my life had I contemplated hiring one until now.

I did step one of Kendi's closet guide: purging. Irrelevant side note: the word purging sounds gross to me. It ranks right up there with moist. Blerg!

This is just my first pass of things I've decided I can do without. Again, I'm embarrassed by the sheer amount of waste/ consumerism of this, but nonetheless, I have committed to documenting this in hopes that I never, ever, EVER let it get like this again:


And this is just my first pass! I plan to do two more passes after I wash the three loads of laundry that were in a pile on the closet floor. Can you believe it? That is an entire full sized bed filled with stuff that I don't wear or use often enough to merit keeping. There's a pink Jansport backpack in there that I've held on to since college, a t-shirt that says "My dog barks louder than yours" that I got specifically to wear to Jimi's obedience classes... five years ago, and my cheerleading shoes also left over from college. You didn't believe me, but I told y'all I was a candidate for Hoarders! Do you believe me now?

I am excited about freeing up some precious closet space. I have stacks of clothes that are going bye-bye:


A couple of you have asked if I plan to do a "Shop My Closet" thing. I thought about it, and the answer is no. I just want this stuff gone. I don't want to have to photograph, price, and list everything, then hang onto it until it sells. I'm going to iron everything, fold it neatly, then take some stuff to Buffalo Exchange for some cash and drop the rest off at my favorite Savers in small sacks. As Annie pointed out to me via Twitter, every time you donate a sack of clothes to Savers, you get a 20% coupon. I'll just keep the unsellable clothes packed in bags in the garage, and every time I feel the need to get something at the thrift store, I'll grab a donation bag to take in. One bag= one item!

Something else I'm chuggin' along in is photography. One Saturday, Amy showed me how to white balance and choose an ISO. On Sunday, Matt and Andrew showed me how to get off auto-focus and learn how to do it myself. I took a picture of Jude this morning using my new tricks, and it turned out super cute:


I am so excited about upping the quality of my self-style photos. I could never dream that my photos could be as good as say, Keiko's, but I hope to get better and better from where I started day by day!