Partner spotlight: Airbnb

If you're planning to come to SXSW or The Texas Style Council Conference or if you're just traveling in general, you really should check out I mean, look how cute their video ad is:[youtube]Now before you go and think that I'm just posting this because they're a new Adored Austin partner, know this: I turn down 90% of all advertising inquiries I get because 1- I never partner up with companies unless I really love the company and 2- I don't partner with companies that I, myself, would not use what they offer.

That said, I do plan to use Airbnb. It's a site where you can find hotel alternatives while traveling (they "“connect people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay"), but the selling point for me is the fact that during ACL or even SXSW, I can list my guest room to make a quick buck. Austinites, want to make money during SXSW? Have a couch someone can crash on? List your place! I plan on listing my guest room next week just to see how easy it is to do so.

Airbnb has grown to a community of almost 200 hosts in Austin alone and over 6,000 Austin stays have been booked. Some Austinites have made more than $12,000 since spring 2010. Let me repeat that: $12,000 since last spring alone. That could buy you a lot of clothes, people!

Right now, for a limited time, there's a $50 Airbnb discount to all users. Go read more about Airbnb there and check out the $50 giveaway!