Shop ATX: Strut

On Tuesday, I saw a Tweet from Strut declaring all inventory was 70% off. I had been eying a jumper of theirs online, so I packed Jude into his car seat and booked it over to the Guadalupe store.
strut_shoesI realized I hadn't been in the shop in over three years (not since I worked down the street at Buffalo Exchange), which is far too long. Even though I hit the 70% off sale on its last day and the shop was half empty preparing to bring in all new inventory, I was still able to find quite a few things, as you'll see over the next few days.

Shop name: Strut
Locations: five-- three in Austin, one in Dallas, and one in San Marcos
Online shop: yes- http:///
Price point: somewhere between Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters
Best buy: awesome sunglasses at $10/ pair (marked down to $3 during the sale!)
Lust items: tons of statement making jewelry and vintage inspired tap shorts this season
Sales: often-- they're most known for their first Thursday sales. First Thursday of the month, they have some sort of in-store promotion.
Recommendation: follow Strut on Twitter to get the heads up about killer sales which happen both in-store and online. Just last week, they were doing 60% off all their online inventory and waiving shipping fees if you could do a pick-up in Austin.

[note: this Shop ATX feature is something new I'm trying. I hope to do these Austin shop visits on the fly so that I can get a fair representation of a typical shoppers' experience. I'll be visiting boutiques, vintage shops, and shopping events. Please let me know if this new feature is cool or totally lame!]