3/30: snOwMG

Fact: this time last year, the high in Austin was 80º, so please pardon me as I am aghast at today's high only being 36º. Thirty-six?! Fact: that is only two four degrees warmer than freezing. There is snow here in Texas. Hell may have frozen over. I want to say "Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool" but I can't. Why? Well, because it is extremely cool. Almost freezing to be exact.

All that to say this: I regret not putting a pair of boots in my 30x30. Yesterday I opted to wear as many layers as possible.
3/30 of 30x30
date: 3 Feb 11 | occasion: lunch w/ Grechen & Cory, dessert/ meeting
leggings: trouvé | shirt: Express | sweater: Mink Pink |
bow headband
: Lulu | shoes: Urban Outfitters | vintage frog necklace: Style Station

Not pictured? The shirt under my shirt and the Underarmonr leggings underneath my leggings ("Yo, dawg, I heard you like leggings so I put some leggings under your leggings so you can stay warm while you stay warm!").

Also, big ups to Homerun Ballerina for the photo inspiration and high fives to Picnik.com for making this possible. One day soon it will warm up and I can snap photos outside again. One day...

Comment of the Day: "The bow headband is kind of like a mullet in a good way! Business in the front...party in the back!" -Angela of Fashionably Learning