Jimi's sundown

In an Adored Austin first, I now present to you my first NSFW post. We were touched at how many folks cried along with us while viewing yesterday's video. If we made you cry at work, we are sorry. However, today's (final) Jimi video might cause that to happen again.

"Jimi was a wonderful dog. Even though we only had five short years, they were awesome. I hope that every pet owner can experience the joy of having such a great pet. I know that we'd miss Jimi just as much had he lived a longer life, but it's harder because he was so young and his illness came on so fast. I am personally grateful for the outpouring of concern and support that everyone has shown." -Chris[vimeo 19760019 w=500 h=281]
"Jimi Hendrix Adams was the best dog in the entire world. Once dubbed the hummingbird of dogs, we had a very full and very loving five years with him. Jimi became suddenly afflicted with a GI disorder and IVDD that turned out to be inoperable. Before we had him put to sleep we took him all around Austin, Texas to say goodbye to all his favorite spots. We chose to hire a mobile vet who specializes in at-home pet euthanasia. We laid him on our bed that he shared with us as the Texas sunshine streamed through the windows. We fed him a donut and two Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, and kissed him goodbye. We wrapped his much loved tennis ball and his frail little body in his favorite towel, and buried him in his favorite spot in our backyard with a scoop of peanut butter." -Indiana

Photos from Jimi's last day after the jump:

jimi kisses
Affectionate even 'till the very end.
jimi and jude
Jude put on his Jimi jammies.
auditorium shores w/ jimi
At Auditorium Shores
auditorium shores with jimi
Enjoying the Austin air.
our family
3/5 of our family.
Licking off the last of his peanut butter cup.
june sniffs jimi's peanut butter cup breath
June tries to sniff out peanut butter cup crumbs (Jimi yawns).
he's finally relaxed
Finally able to relax...
final shot
The last shot. He loved tennis balls.
After we laid Jimi to rest and cried our eyes out, we went to dinner at Frank to celebrate our little hot dog. This dachshund mural was on the wall.