7/30: Still going strong... sorta

No one hates cheaters more than me. When I was a kid, I hated it when other kids would use a Game Genie on their Nintendo to by-pass hard game levels. "Oh, you beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in one day? Hmph. It took me five because I did it without a Game Genie, cheater!"

That's why I confess the following with a tinge of regret: I cheated a teeny bit on my 30x30 Challenge. I had a shoot yesterday morning with Devi for a local publication, and rather than relegate myself to solely my 30x30 items I borrowed two dresses from Plain Ivey Jane (where we shot) and I also wore a new romper that I picked out from Lulus.shoot
Trash ATX necklace | TIKKR watch (gift) | Marc Jacobs dress (borrowed for shoot)


Lulus romper (gift)
I figured that cheating would be okay because the Adored Austin blurb won't appear until April, and I had to dress like it was spring (and not insanely cold like it is now). Frankly, I don't have a lot of super photogenic, spring-like clothes in my 30x30 mix.

I did, however, don another 30x30 ensemble there and for the remainder of the day:

7/30 of 30x30
date: 10 Feb 11 | occasion: 2nd Street
: thrifted, Buffalo Exchange | blouse: Express | shoes: Urban Outfitters | tights: Target

In fact, although I missed taking photos on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I still wore 30x30 outfits. I really want this project to be done, so I'm going to photograph them tomorrow so I'm caught up.

So far, I'm not loving this challenge. I'm a doofus and didn't think out complete outfits in my head. I just sort of haphazardly chose items. Secondly, I really, really want to amp up my style. These 30x30 outfits are the best of my "meh" game.

But don't worry. I won't quit. I just wish I had a Wardrobe Geenie to help me cheat a little.

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