8- 13/ 30: Catching up & catching the flu

While you Valentines Day lovers were eating sweets and enjoying kisses and sappy love songs, I may have consumed a metric ton of cough drops. The only gift I got on Valentines Day was the flu. Nonetheless, here are my 30x30 outfits from last week, as promised. I cannot wait for this blasted experiment to be over. I miss my other clothes!
8/30 of 30x30
date: 7 Feb 11 | occasion: vet appointment
: Lands End Canvas | blouse: Strut | shoes: Target | cardigan: Halogen

9/30 of 30x30
date: 8 Feb 11 | occasion: Jimi's last day
: American Apparel SXSW flea market | tights: We Love Colors | shoes: Target

10/30 of 30x30
date: 9 Feb 11 | occasion: bumming around the house
: Lands End Canvas | shirt: Walmart | undershirt (not part of 30x30): Old Navy | shoes: UO | belt (as necklace): gift from my mom from Thailand

11/30 of 30x30
date: 11 Feb 11 | occasion: dancing at Barbarella
: Lands End Canvas | sweater: Mink Pink | cami (not part of 30x30): F21 | flats: Target | sunglasses: SoLa | belt: ???

12/30 of 30x30
date: 12 Feb 11 | occasion: Bradley birth class reunion
: Lands End Canvas | wedges: Franco Sarto | blouse: estate sale | sunglasses: UO


13/30 of 30x30
date: 13 Feb 11 | occasion: church
skirt: Tommy Hilfiger | loafers: thifted, Savers | blouse: estate sale | belt: swap

My friend Grechen remarked that she has never seen me wear jeans. I remarked that with the cooler Texas temperatures, my 30x30 choices left a lot to be desired. I'll be so glad when it gets warmer and when 30x30 is done. I'll also be glad when I've kicked this flu's butt!

Despite my flu, I'll still be speaking tomorrow at Langford Market at 6 pm. Come join me! I promise not to cough on you.