Hi! I miss you! I miss you SO HARD.

I did this to you last year during SXSW. I really need someone to tell me how I can blog during the madness of SXSW, The Texas Style Council Conference, and StyleX. I am trying to convince Chris that an iPad is the solution. (Back me up on this, okay?)

To help me with the insanity that is my life, I got an intern!

I love rachel
Photo by official TxSCC photographer
Nathan Russell
Photo taken at our Bo Concept party

You guys! She is the dream intern and she is ONLY FIFTEEN. She writes a fashion column for her high school paper, and she is smart and funny and an absolute joy to work with. She remembers where I put my keys, she reminds me to eat when I get too busy, and in four days she has become an essential part of my life. You see, I have the tendency to bite off more than I can chew, so Rachel is here to help me digest some of that. (Ew. That was a creepy analogy, wasn't it?). Anyway...

I have so much to say about the wonderfulness of this weekend, but alas, a cookie cake from The Great American Cookie company is calling my name. And so is my bed.

If you missed my talk at SXSW today, I'll be speaking at StyleX on Saturday. In the meantime, please say hello to Rachel!