TxSCC recap: Friday Clothing Swap

The Texas Style Council Conference, for me, kicked off a couple months ago when Grechen and I really started planning it. But for everyone else, it started a week ago, last Friday, March 11th.

One of our incredibly generous underwriters was Swap.com and The Swapaholics. I had been a longtime fan of Swapaholic Amy from Punky Style and The Haberdash, so I was super duper excited that she was one of the first people that I met on Friday.

[Jen, me, Amy, Suze, Amy, Kelsey]

And do you see who that is on the left? Oh, yes, people, that's Jen from Jen Loves Kev. I was a little star struck, but very happy to meet someone that I truly consider an inspiration and now get to call my friend. I insist that she comes back next year with Kev and Rowan. Kev can hang out with Chris, and Rowan and Jude can fall in love.

The swap was amazing! I have been to a few clothing swaps here in Austin, but this one was top notch. Amy and Melissa have the set-up down to a science. Women dropped their clothes off at the empty store front that was given to us to use for the weekend by the 2nd Street District, and at 7:00 for the next hour and a half, we organized and tagged, while the swappers lined the block outside. By 8:00 there were close to 100 people in line already!
txsccAt 8:30, the doors promptly opened, and the swappers blew through the store, gathering new treasures.

[Swap photos by Adam Towner]

The organizers were pretty casual about it: it was bring a bag, take a bag, but no one was very strict. We were instructed to bring what we loved but only take what we love. In the end, there were even a few items Swap.com was able to donate to Goodwill. I was able to snag a pair of white jeans that fit like a dream.

Since this was the first event of the Texas Style Council Conference, I wanted to match the poster as best as I could. Our theme for the weekend was "Cowboys and Ballerinas":

date: 11 March 11 | occasion: Swap.com clothing swap
dress: Lulu*s | jacket: Langford Market | boots: Steve Madden | watch: TIKKR | tote: Wikifashion
Look at this adorable Wikifashion bag. They generously provided our totes for the Texas Style Council Conference, and I'm so excited that it's something that I'll actually want to carry around and use!

More recaps to come! Please tweet @2ndStreetDistrict and @Swap to tell them thank you for making the swap possible.

[Langford Market, Lulu*s, and TIKKR are all Adored Austin partners]