Recap: StyleX

I've had plenty of time to decompress from StyleX, but I haven't had a lot of time to go through all the footage and photos we got. Nonetheless, I wanted to go ahead and post the bits I've been able to go over.

The theme for this post is hit and miss.

On Thursday, we did a Style Hop, which was a tour around Austin to a few different shops. Hit! I failed to take an outfit picture and captured really poor sound on my video. Miss!

Friday was the first of the runway shows. I love runway shows. Hit!
[vimeo 21768280 w=500 h=281]
Next year I'd like a little more pizazz: give me some going-out wear, dim the audience lights, and teach those musicians how to work the runway (they're obviously pretty comfortable on stage). Can I just say that I loved having the musicians as models? It made for a much more interesting and fun show than I usually see. Hit!

I totally regret what I wore, though. Miss!
date: 18 March 11 | occasion: StyleX Friday
blouse: thrifted (Savers) | skirt: Kenar (c/o Marshalls) | shoes: c/o ThreadSence | necklace: c/o The Jasmine Gallery | watch: thrifted Michael Kors (Goodwill)

What was I thinking?! This outfit is embarrassingly blah. I almost didn't post this photo of it due to me being afraid to admit that I failed at fashion. However, in the spirit of transparency, here it is! The good thing? It made me realize that I need to amp it up in the style department. I need to have some quality, go-to peieces that I can just grab and go for events like this. I like all the pieces individually, but together, it's just a hot mess. I should have done the blouse with trousers and wedges or the skirt with a simple, silky tank and added heels.
Saturday was the panel I was asked to speak on (title: "Technology is cool, but technology + fashion is cooler"), and I was honored to be speaking alongside folks like Kelly from The Glamourai and Devin from Lyst. Hit!

[vimeo 21765174 w=500 h=281]

Saturday's outfit was a little better although I spent a lot more money on my dress than I should have. It's still something that I regret buying but only because I;m not a big spender. I had a 20% discount at Plain Ivey Jane, and I love the shop owner to pieces, so I bought it on a whim. The yellow stitching and the pockets really appealed to me. The detailing on the top was great-- I have never seen a dress like it. However, I think that maybe $100 is too much to spend on a day dress that, frankly, I'm likely not going to wear again. The top was ill fitting on me, but the hanger appeal was so great. Hit and miss!

date: 19 March 11 | occasion: StyleX Saturday (panel)
dress: Hype purchased at Plain Ivey Jane | cardigan: c/o Peacock Plume | watch: c/o TIKKR | wedges: c/o Wanted
Overall, StyleX was a hit. It was great seeing so many people come out for a first year event. I know that the organizers worked their tails off, and I'm so proud of Joah and John for that. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for StyleX 2012.