Pants: I can'ts.

I cannot wear pants. Some people throw on pants without a second thought. Insert a leg, insert the other leg, pull up, zip, button, and go! But for me, it's not so easy. Pants look weird on me, and I can never figure out if mine are supposed to go on my hips or at my waist, or if they're too long or too short. In the end, I just feel strange in pants. Who is a pants expert? Who can help me out here? newpants
date: 5 April 11 | occasion: Ikea run
blouse: thrifted (Savers)- my friend Jessie is selling an identical one in her shop The Spice Rack | jacket: thrifted and DIY'ed dyed| pants: Factory by Erik Hart | shoes: c/o Wanted | tiger ring: gift from Stephanie
Thank goodness I have animal jewelry and shoes figured out.