I can smell who owned this dress before me. And she smells good.
buffalo exchange dress
buffalo exchange dree
date: 10 April 11 | occasion: Austin City Life, BBQing
dress: Buffalo Exchange (Kimchi & Blue) | cardigan: BDG- Urban Outfitters| belt: Buffalo Exchange- vintage Neiman's | watch: Goodwill- Michael Kors | sandals: thirfted, Savers

I have been intermittently working on organizing my closet since January. Since January! It's been a frustrating project, but I suspect I will finally be done later this week (I'm just waiting on some hooks for my new jewelry pegboard). I estimate that I've gotten rid of 50% of my closet, and I have loads of stuff to take to Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. I took a big 'ole laundry basket full of things to Buffalo Exchange Saturday and walked out with two dresses, one beaded jacket, a pair of red jeans, and $70 in my pocket. This lovely floral frock was one of the new acquisitions.

The girl who owned this dress before me smelled great! I washed the dress, but her stubborn perfume is still on it. I need to figure out what it is. I wish there were a Shazam app for scents. I'd totally let my phone sniff my dress and tell me what the perfume is.