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What would Tyra say?

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Do you watch America's Next Top Model? Much to Chris' chagrin, I do... and I love it! I spied these strange pants in the Love21 section of Forever21 and had to have 'em. I think Tyra would have liked them, too, but when looking through my "film" from my outfit photos she would have said, "Girl, you did not smile with your eyes and your film was full of dreckitude! Where's your fierceness? We did not get a single. Usable. Shot." She would have then sent me back to loft to pack my things and to be sent home.
sweet sweats
sweet sweats
sweet sweats
date: 12 April 11 | occasion: city seminary & snowcone meeting
tank: Old Navy | pants: F21| watch: c/o TIKKR | wedges: c/o Wanted | scarf: DIY (instructions)

My new friend Jessie and fellow ANTM watcher and I were joking the other day that Tyra should do an America's Next Top Model style make-over on a few style blogger (*ahem!* And by "a few style bloggers" we meant US!) I would totally accept a Tyra mandated make-over. I wonder what she'd do to me. Probably chop off all my hair and put a gap in my teeth, right? I say bring it on. She says:

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