Owl prowl

I am crazy about owls. My high school mascot was an owl and my aunt and grandma collected owls, so our house was full of them when I was growing up. It was a little kooky, but a lot of fun. A couple of my grandma's owls have migrated to my house in Texas, too.

Because of my love for owls, I, for one, welcomed the resurgence in owl popularity a few years ago. I'm delighted the owl trend is still going strong. I'm always on the prowl for a cute owl.
Y'all know I love animal jewelry, but for the last year or so, I've been loving animals on clothing, too. I love this dainty owl printed skirt from Francesca's.
date: 14 April 11 | occasion: I did nothing today!
blazer: Organic by John Patrick | skirt: c/o Francesca's | shirt: Trouvé | belt: Target | loafers: Savers | necklace: City Wide Garage Sale

Part of "Amp it up April" is to add to my closet more thoughtfully (this includes purchases and courtesy items). This blazer and skirt are great examples of how I'm doing this. The blazer was gulp inducing expensive. Originally priced at $495, then marked down to $347, and marked down one more time to $148.50, I bought it. I bought it after I got a 50% off coupon to Otte from Refinery 29 Reserve! It's "ethically produced", made from organic cotton, was made in the US, is fully lined and fits me perfectly. I expect to wear this blazer for the rest of my life. Expect to see it practically non-stop this fall.

The owl skirt is priced at $38, which is a hair above what I'd pay for something similar at Forever21. It gains my seal of approval because it's much higher quality than what's on the racks at F21. It's fully lined, constructed impeccably, and made in the USA. I hope that it will remain in rotation long after the owl trend has died.

Haha. Who are we kidding? The owl trend will never die.

What about y'all? What makes you pay more for an item?

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