Mapping it


This is one of my favorite photos. I stole it from Erin without even asking (sorry, Erin!). This is one of the last photos taken at the Texas Style Council Conference. This is a group of the last bloggers standing at the end of the after party: that's me (Adored Austin), Kendi Everyday, Jen Loves Kev, Work With What You've Got, My Edit, Concrete Catwalk, Intern Rachel, Stephanie from Lulu's, Punky Style, & Sartoriography.

Two of my favorite things:
1. Meeting new people (especially other bloggers and blog readers), and
2. Traveling

That's why it's so great that Linda from Rose a La Mode and her husband Bob have come up with a Style Bloggers Map. Wow look at all them bloggers!

It's a really great way to find bloggers in your area. You can plan meet-ups or at the very least get style inspiration from them since they'd be dealing with the same weather you are. When you're traveling, you can find out if your favorites are along your travel route or live in your destination city.

I plan to visit Boston this August, where hopefully I'll meet up with Jen, Julie, and Amy. I have fall plans to visit the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, & Ohio) and winter plans for Atlanta. I may even squeeze in a trip to Santa Barbara this summer, too (my mom bought a restaurant there with her friend).

Mark your city and blog on the map here. (I wouldn't recommend putting your exact address unless you want me and my family on your door stoop asking for tacos and tea!).

Where is home for you?

P.S. Yes, this is almost an exact copy of the post I did on The Delightful Dozen today, but I wanted to share it here, too! Now go get mapping!